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“Nige from Forest Routes came along to our Wilderness 2017 event to teach a variety of bushcraft skills including water purification and spoon carving. He was excellent at engaging the groups in the activities. The young people fed back that this was one of the best workshops over the weekend, "Nige gave really clear easy to understand instructions and lots of encouragement making it easy to achieve results". Nige will be back at Wilderness 2018 at Beaudesert in October.”


       Nigel Ruse, Manager

     Beaudesert Outdoor Centre





“Nige Curnow is a Master of his craft – a brilliant, energetic and experienced Forest Schools instructor. He brings the great outdoors to life and has transformed my outlook in the delivery of outdoors education. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


      Yvonne Wager


“Costs were comparable with buying in a supply teacher and provided a stimulating alternative to supply staff”


“If you are interested in becoming a Forest School Leader/Practitioner then you need the expertise, knowledge and experience of Nige Curnow.  Nige has both supported and mentored me through achieving Level 2 and will be supporting me in my pending Level.3.

Nige as well as being exceptionally knowledgeable, he is patient and thorough but is also extremely mindful and aware of individual needs and concerns and always available for both encouragement and advice.

Highly recommend.”


    John Millard

   Pelsall, Walsall




“The children in Year 4 very much enjoyed their shelter building which was superbly resourced and structured to allow them to succeed.“



“KS1 children enjoyed the novelty of being so close to fires and toasting marshmallows. I appreciated the availability of vegan marshmallows as a well thought out idea.”



“All children enjoyed creating necklaces with runes on.”


“Risk assessments were sensible, well written and comprehensive.”


“The outdoor learning experiences the Forest Routes facilitated provided a meaningful REAL-LIFE context for delivery of the schools creative learning project curriculum and this included all subject areas including maths and literacy. The project was enjoyed by all the children and the benefits were appreciated by staff, parents and OFSTED who recognise the experience it provides as a highly desirable enhancement and enrichment to the school’s curriculum.”


“Forest Schools has been delivered to every pupil during this current academic year by Nige. The program has led to a significant increase in the school’s utilization of the natural resource on its doorstep, namely the local Nature Reserve.”   Head of Year Teacher, Cannock, West Midlands.





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