Introduction to Bushcraft Day

Come and try something new. You may have done some bushcraft before, none at all, or wish to introduce your children to the great possibilities our woods have to show them.


We started doing bushcraft in the late 80s with scout groups to help them achieve their backwoodsman(survival) badge and it is something that has remained part of us and now we love sharing it with our children.


Our taster day consists of:

Shelter building 

Learn where best to pitch your shelter, either made from natural resources or a tarp and which natural materials will give you the best protection from the elements or for gazing at the stars.

Campfire cooking 

Who doesn't love to eat food straight from the fire? We'll show you which fire is good for cooking and we will burn more than just a marshmallow or two (I do mean cook). You will be cooking your own lunch.


Learn how to make string,  so you will never be without any.

Campfire gadgets 

You will learn to make a cooking utensil out of wood, by using a selection of tools.

Fire lighting

Learn the three things you need to get a fire going. Then we will break each one down and show you how to light a fire and keep it going, including the best place to put your fire and how to leave no trace...


As an essential part of the fire, you will learn about tinders and how to find and use them.


Safe Knife use 

We will provide you with a knife for use on the day and show you how to use it safely. Along with any other tools you may need to use.


Please email for a booking form and to register your interest in this course or if you prefer talking to someone give either of us a call.

The price is per person £60

Group bookings of 6+ discount applied per person at the time of booking

Our next course dates:

                                         25th July 2023

                                         27th July 2023


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