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Come and immerse yourselves in the natural world for a weekend of.......







Build it, find it, cook it, make it, try it!

There is so much to do, try, and to perfect, you can spend hours on the subject. Every time you enter the woods it will be different, you will notice new things and never regret a day of it.

Whilst Bushcraft skills are akin to survival skills, this weekend is about having the chance to immerse yourself in the woods, learn new skills, and begin to hone them in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. The main subjects covered over the weekend are listed below.

Course Description

The weekend starts on Saturday at 10 a.m. and finishes Sunday at 3 p.m. 


Learn how to light fires. There are a variety of different ways to light a fire and different fires for different needs; Which type of fire is best for cooking, light, or warmth?

You will get to light fires using a variety of different techniques, including fire by friction (bow drill).


Did you know there are different types of shelters? Come and build a shelter made from natural materials. We will show you how to put up tarps along with some of the different configurations.


Is important for everyone. Learn how to find it, collect it, filter it, and purify it ready for your well-deserved brew.

Food and cooking

Learn how to cook over an open fire, using various styles and techniques; what is good for game, is not always good for veg.

We will look at the preparation of 'game' and the wild seasonal foods available. Cook some food as a group with the techniques you have learned.


Learn how to find North and navigate using natural signs and features.

Tools and cordage

We will cover a selection of tools associated with bushcraft and show you how to use them safely.

Cordage is very useful in bushcraft, but not everyone always carries it. Cordage allows us to construct and carry things. We will look at cordage you can carry and then cordage you can make from natural materials. 


Please email info@forestroutes.co.uk for a booking form and to register your interest in this course or if you prefer to talk to someone give either of us a call.

£135.00 per person


Our next course dates:

                                          17th & 18th August 2023

                                          21st & 22nd September 2023


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