ITC Forestry First Aid (EFAW+F)

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Nige working near  Kingussie, Highlands, 2001.

This module is designed to meet the requirements of the Forestry Commission Policy for those that work on their land. It is also suitable for ALL chainsaw operators.

It is a 'bolt-on' 2-hour unit with the exact time depending upon the content of the first aid qualification it is added to. For example, EFAW is a 1-day 6-hour course and FAW is a 3-day 18-hour course.

 Relevant extracts from the policy document:

16. “+F” training. Working with the principle of matching skills to your possible accidents/illnesses, those working in core operations will require training that has been delivered with a forestry context (ie sites remote from medical aid and where limited help will be available). This training is referred to in this guidance as EFAW+F or FAW+F. The term “+F” may not be widely recognised. Core operations mean; harvesting, civil engineering, mechanised ground preparation, planting, fencing, pesticide application, forest nursery activities, or similar. It includes any lone workers or site supervisors.

17. They may also need add-on elements for our special hazards (eg severe chainsaw cuts, crush injuries, hypothermia, Lyme disease).

18. “+F” will be recognised when “forestry context” or “remote sites” or “+F” is noted on the certificate or supporting correspondence.



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The course is £100 EFAW+F  £250 FAW+F

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