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"Our hearts and souls are in the great outdoors......... going for a mini adventure for a few hours or disappearing into the woods for a couple of weeks; are the sort of experiences that make our family happy."


We both have a lifelong love of the outdoors; and our lives together, along with our children, revolve around the natural world.


Danielle spent most of her childhood in the woods thanks to her father being a survival instructor in the late 80's early 90's and then went on to have a career specializing in child development. These two background credentials have led her to become an extremely passionate and inspirational practitioner who uses bushcraft, Forest School, and the natural environment as a medium, to allow the individual to grow holistically. In more recent years Danielle has been focused on raising our young children and sharing her love of the natural world with them. SO much so that our children love nothing more than sleeping in the woods, under a tarp, and cooking over a fire.

Danielle believes every child has the right to a childhood full of adventure and every adult has the right to continue that adventure.


Nige started his career path as a traditional Woodsman and has remained in the outdoors over the last 35 years. Following the "Great Storm" of 1987, Nige qualified as an arborist climber and spent many years specializing in large trees damaged by the storm. It was during the late '80s that he also developed a parallel path as a Survival & Bushcraft instructor and from there aimed his career pathway towards Adventure skills. In addition to his experience teaching bushcraft and survival skills, Nige is also a qualified Mountain Leader and has 25 years of experience working as an instructor in the outdoor industry, specializing in expeditions, wilderness skills, Forest School Practitioner, and as a Development Trainer & Facilitator. Nige is qualified for Level 4 in Advanced Outdoor First Aid, holds a FREC 3(First Response Emergency Care), and delivers a range of both regulated and bespoke outdoor first aid training.

Nige loves spending time with our kids in the woods, teaching them anything they wish to learn; shelter building, tracking, climbing, navigating, first aid, and 'leave no trace'.



Danielle and Nige both maintain an Enhanced DBS as part of their commitment to effective safeguarding.




"As directors of Forest Routes Ltd, it is our drive to offer quality outdoor learning experiences aimed to inspire learners to seek adventures both large and small. Our aim is to equip learners to manage their safety and take appropriate risks to empower themselves with confidence through sound knowledge and skills. We always look forward to meeting new people who enjoy an adventure - large or small."

                                                        Nige & Danielle

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