Bushcraft Summer Holiday Club

Adventure into the world of Bushcraft. Come and experience a variety of skills; from multiple ways to light a fire, through to making your own cordage and there is always time for a marshmallow.


Our staff are all trained, qualified and have over 20 years experience in teaching bushcraft. They hold an Enhansed DBS and an Outdoor First Aid Certificate.


To book please email info@forestroutes.co.uk   OR

Call or text Danielle on 07812 579 233.

Places confirmed with payment (via BACS) before session and returned booking form.

Spaces still available!!


JULY 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 31st   

AUGUST 1st 2nd 3rd 4th                           20 spaces per session

8yrs +       9:30-3:30  £24 for the whole day    £20 per sibling per whole day 

 9:30-12:30     12:30-3:30     £15 per half day     

Please bring lunch!

Snacks and drinks provided AND marshmallows for toasting!


Fire lighting - bow drill, striker and rod, flint and steel and some more interestiing ones. Have a try at them all including the group bow drill.

Fire management - learn about the different types of fires and how to cook over them and how to make hot chocolate.

Shelter building - using natural resources, the type of shelter best for your envronment. Which team can make the best waterproof shelter??

Tarps - how to put up a tarp for shelter with some team games.

Knots - learn which knots are used for putting tarps up and knots for everyday use.

Water purifying - have a play around with getting clean water and then we'll show you how.

Tools - learn how to use tools safely and have a try at making a tool

Tracking - get a preview into the world of tracking. Make a tracking stick and try and track some animals/each other.

Cordage - make cordage (thin rope) from brambles or nettle, neither of which will sting.

Survival bracelets - learn how to make one, as it is always useful to have rope to hand

Navigation - learn how to use a compass and try orienteering

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